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Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements at Health Quest in Cincinnati

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At Health Quest we believe in treating our patients with holistic care that considers their entire body when determining the best and most effective treatment options. Our chiropractors find that patients who have a strong nutritional profile heal more quickly and enjoy a greater level of health and wellness. We also understand that with today's hectic lifestyles it is not always possible to get our required vitamins and minerals from our food. With this in my mind, we began to investigate effective supplements that can help to address this need and fill any nutritional gaps of our patients.

We have partnered with Metagenics as our primary provider of vitamins and mineral supplements. As your chiropractor in Blanchester, OH we want our patients to live their most robust and dynamic life without having to rely on drugs and other medications that can become potentially harmful. If you are interested in learning more about how these supplements can fit into your overall wellness plan, please schedule a consultation today.

How Nutritional Supplements Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Life and Well-Being

Health Quest is dedicated to providing their patients the highest quality supplements available on today's market and has found that many of our patients experience effective results when using Metagenics supplements. These supplements help to fill the nutritional needs that often go unmet in today's busy world. If you are feeling less than 100% and there is no medical reason for this lethargy, vitamins and mineral supplements are often effective courses of treatment. We can work with you to determine other lifestyle changes that can help you to feel more energized and help you face your day with a feeling of vitality and strength!

Our commitment to natural treatments includes a full line of supplements that are available at all of our office locations. Following a comprehensive exam, your practitioner will determine if you are experiencing any deficiencies in your nutritional profile that can be fixed through the use of multivitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and supplements that promote GI health. Additionally, we offer a full complement of women's health support supplement and meal-replacement options. 

Your Chiropractor in Blanchester Offers a Full Range of Wellness Care

Health Quest is here to provide all of your wellness needs, as it is our goal to help our patients live their best lives. Please call us today at (937) 783-3771 to schedule a consultation. Our Blanchester office is conveniently located at 661 West Main Street. We also have two additional Health Quest offices located in Cincinnati and Hillsboro. We look forward to seeing you soon!