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Personal Training and Exercise Programs

Personal Training and Exercise Programs Offered By Health Quest Chiropractic Care

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When some people think of going to a chiropractor, they assume that they are just seeing a person who will fix their back or possibly take care of a kink in their neck, but the scope of chiropractic goes far beyond relieving immediate aches and pains. It is about bringing yourself as close as possible to total wellness, with the support of your chiropractor. At Health Quest Chiropractic Care in Ohio we maintain three locations in Cincinnati as well as nearby Blanchester, and Hillsboro, and in all of them we offer personal training and exercise programs in order to help you achieve a higher level of wellness with minimal risk of injury.

Why Train With a Chiropractor?

When seeking out a personal training and exercise program, not everyone thinks of seeking out the service of a chiropractor, but it makes sense when you think of how many common ailments can be traced back to being overweight, inflexible, having poor posture, or being generally unfit. In addition, having a chiropractor close by when engages in a wellness program comes in handy because as your body goes through changes with weight loss or the build up of muscle, misalignment in the spine can occur. At Health Quest we can identify these as they happen and help you make safe adjustments so you can continue of your exercise program with little or no interruption.

In many ways coming to Health Quest is a lot like going to the "gym" because we do have a top notch exercise facility available for your workouts, but we also combine that with the knowledge of our personal trainers who are skilled at putting together the right program based on your age, technical skills, personal limitations and motivational levels in order to give you the best chance at success.

At Health Quest, our wellness patients undergo thorough testing in order to get a solid baseline of where they are so we can build a solid program for efficient progress. Some of the things we measure include

  • Posture
  • Body Fat Percentages
  • Full body fitness assessments
  • Physicals with computerized muscle testing
  • Mediation services
  • Full body massages
  • And a nutrition program

Benefits of Exercise to Musculoskeletal Health

A strong exercise program is important to many chiropractic programs as it plays a strong role in managing both chronic and acute low back pain. IN addition to helping joints and muscles, exercise can also help assure that proper digestion id happening, which in turn improves overall circulation.

Visit Our Local Chiropractor to Achieve Your Body Goals

When it comes to exercise as a means to improve and maintain health, no two paths are exactly the same. At Health Quest Chiropractic Care, we will look at where you have been going, as well as where you want to be in order to help you get started on the program that is right for you. To contact one of our Cincinnati locations call 866-458-4178 to schedule an appointment.